Vratislav Indra Studio

"My clients want to show the world what they put their thoughts, money, energy and time into. I appreciate the trust they give me when they approach me as a photographer. That's why it's important for me to get to know them personally, to understand their values and philosophy of life. To become familiar with their work, their product or building and their story. After that I take pictures."

The studio focuses on professional architecture and interior photography. We also enjoy wine, lifestyle, gastro and food style photography. Working with small businesses, corporates and start-ups is a pleasure for us. For each client we work out individual possibilities to impressively present the uniqueness of their work and to showcase it. We are leaving our customers happy since 2017.


  • Moscow International Photo Awards 2019
     - Winner 2nd place in Architecture-Industrial category

  • Moscow International Photo Awards 2015
     - Honorable Mention in Architecture-Industrial category
  • Moscow International Photo Awards 2014
     - Winner 3th place in Architecture-Industrial category
  • Moscow International Photo Awards 2014
     - Honorable Mention in Architecture-Industrial category

Some facts about us

  • We are professionals who are not afraid to travel for photography.
  • We speak English, German, Russian, and even Czech :)
  • We understand photography comprehensively: We capture your product, your work and tell its story.
  • We are interested in architecture, interiors/exteriors, hotels, companies, start-ups and products.
  • We are also passionate about wine and food lifestyle.
  • We listen to the client's needs and ideas.
  • We show the client's products, creations and creativity at its finest.
  • We enjoy long-term collaboration, deepening relationships, and growing together.
  • Quality and individual approach are significant for us. Our work is based on them.

That's us


IT guy who was not afraid to leave his career and followed his photographic dream.

I bought my first camera in 2008. I am self-taught. I have always had a love for architecture, interiors, exteriors, interesting corners of cities and night industrial places. I have won awards at international exhibitions for my photographs of nocturnal industrial architecture.

I am from South Moravia. Thanks to that, I have several great winemakers among my friends, for whom I often and lovingly photograph - vineyards, wineries and excellent wines. I love travelling, remote forests, mountains and coasts, where you can often find me with my fins and longboard. When I'm not outdoors or shooting, I follow my favourite photographers, architects, artists and directors for inspiration while listening to good music.


Kind of a girl for everything, for the studio indispensable.

I'm not only in charge of the clients, but also Vratislav :). I am a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail. Every work and project must be perfect by itself, otherwise I won’t let it go. I like to accept new challenges.

I have always enjoyed interior design, architecture and fashion. I’m complete travel addict who loves discovering new parts of the world. Most often you will find me in nature, on the way or underwater, there I am in my element. My positive and kind attitude is appreciated by everyone.


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